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The Celebration you Imagined is Realized

Inspired by the Tuscan villas of Italy, the NEW Larkfield invites you and your guests to experience the romance and elegance of estate catering right here on Long Island. Old World style, demonstrated in timber and stone façades, soaring hearths, manicured gardens and interior balconies.

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Events Without Limits

From giant-sized dining room mirrors that are hidden viewing monitors, to audio surround sound throughout the dining rooms, Larkfield’s Smart Technology has anticipated the technological needs of its guests and integrated the latest technological offerings into the décor.

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The Artistry of Atmosphere

The ambiance of Old World romance and the opulence of modern amenities inspire and cater to guests of The Larkfield.

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All You Imagine, Together in one Place

Easily plan both your wedding and reception. Free your Guests and Bridal Party with only traveling to one location. No additional flowers or limo services needed. The Larkfield Ceremony option also has no restrictions on your choice of music, or dress.


The Three Season Spectacular

Larkfield Gardens is completely private and combines the natural beauty of its surroundings. The gardens can accommodate up to 250 guests and is the perfect stage gathering with a multitude of photography options.

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